msPad – Medical Shorthand Keypad

mspadProduct Benefits​: The healthcare industry is moving away from using symbols in charting and going electronic at the same time. This presents a problem and frustration for healthcare personnel who do charting at the point of care, because most are not typists and they miss the convenience of using symbols to do their work. The msPad will allow medical professionals to enter data using the symbols they are accustomed to. The keypad is designed to be extremely user friendly!   Tips and Tricks: Symbols that mean more than one word, tap once for first word, twice for second word, etc.   The Actual Keypad: Actual cord length would be 24-28 inches The blue digits are actually a backlite so you can see at night or dim lighting. The green logo at the top of pad is also backlite in green to let you know power is on.   Currently working with PAPPS (Parallel-Processing Apps) for product development! Contact:

Source: msPad – Medical Shorthand Keypad


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