What I learned from Brad Feld’s experiment on AngelList

angellist-logo (2)The following is a clip from the blog of my new “must read” blogger, Steven Dresner founder of DealFlow which is an editorial based upon Brad Feld’s blog post regarding his Foundary Group’s 2 year experiment managing it’s own investment syndicate on the Angel List platform.

Brad Feld is one of the few venture capitalists whose blog I read regularly. For those unfamiliar with him, Brad is a partner with Foundry Group and a co-founder of Techstars. He also happens to be a prolific thinker whose insights and investment decisions matter to me. So on Tuesday, when I saw the subject line of his recent blog, “Feld Thoughts: Ending our FG Angels Experiment,” I was eager to dive into what would surely be something of interest. As usual, Brad didn’t disappoint. The blog begins with this: “After two years of a dedicated experiment, we’ve decided to stop making new investments via our FG Angels Syndicate. We’ve learned a lot, achieved some of our goals, but ultimately have decided that the effort required to maintain our investment pace on AngelList is too great for us, at least for now.” First, a little context is in order. Foundry Group started FG Angels when AngelList announced their syndicates product back in September 2013. According to Brad, his group was the first venture firm to create a syndicate.

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