Calling MedTech VC’s and Hardware Manufacturers

Ok, I have this client, a super nice lady up in the mountains above San Bernadino, a school nurse who designed something that will make the lives easier for oh a billion or so medical professionals on the planet and she got a patent on it. At first I was going to crowdfund like 50k for her to pay to have some prototypes made up then beta test a bunch with nurses around the desert southest and revise per recommendations then  go shopping for a domestic or offshore manufacturer to make up a few thousand and set up a shopping cart and turn my garage into the shipping and recieving department like I did back in my eBay Powerseller days during Web 1.0…get papercuts and flirt with the UPS Store lady daily….lather, rinse, repeat ad nauseam and possibly, if I hang out in my garage 24/7, reach like 5% of the global market, if that, and make her a few bucks and myself 1% of her vast riches and get my oil changed if I opt out of the synthetic oil and bring a coupon.

Then it happened…..


I had the idea that rather than lead her down the path to manufacture, import, warehouse, sell, ship, deal with payments/chargebacks and returns, set up distribution networks, affiliate channels, press, advertising, customer service et al…why not just find an existing manufacturer of medical hardware and give then a liscence to the patent and take a royalty on sales? So that’s what I’m seeking now and without any further adieu I will tell you about the product.


 msPad Keypad  -Medical Shorthand Keypad. 

Excellent,simple to use, supplemental tool for all EHR/EMR systems!


Product Benefits:

The healthcare industry is moving away from using symbols in charting and going electronic at the same time. This presents a problem and frustration for healthcare personnel who do charting at the point of care, because most are not typists and they miss the convenience of using symbols to do their work. The msPad will allow medical professionals to enter data using the symbols they are accustomed to. The keypad is designed to be extremely user friendly!

Tips and Tricks:

Symbols that mean more than one word, tap once for first word, twice for second word, etc.

The Actual Keypad:

Actual cord length would be 24-28 inches

The blue digits are actually a backlite so you can see at night or dim lighting.

The green logo at the top of pad is also backlite in green to let you know power is on.



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