New Website Helps Launch Outdoors Businesses

The American Dream has changed; where once it meant landing a career, living in the suburbs, and owning a color TV, now we aspire to follow our dreams – start a business and work to live, not the other way around. However, passion projects-turned entrepreneurs often lack some of the business skills needed to succeed. That’s where Radify hopes to step in. Community Skis: Passion Becomes Livelihood Sawing, shaving, sanding, and waxing custom skis out of a tow-behind hut that looks like something from “Little House on the Prairie” is the kind of crazy idea that makes for a cool hobby. Hooking it up to run on 100 percent off-grid solar power and grow it into a viable business makes it just wild enough to inspire others who are passionate about the outdoors to follow their own “out-there” concepts. Community Skis – the brick and mortar descendant of that concept – built on what 333 Skis started. That company took the seemingly daunting leap from fledgling business, scrabbling together enough money to keep the lights on, to a full-fledged independent company with a stable revenue stream. Though it’s entirely doable, that kind of transition is what kills so many great schemes for startups. Enter Radify Development, a consulting and land acquisition/building firm that launched in March for other developers – the catchall term that refers to anyone looking to turn a plot of land into something that will host or attract people.

Source: New Website Helps Launch Outdoors Businesses


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