Inside’s back-to-back billion dollar acquisitions

Inside the Deal is a series where we interview investors and entrepreneurs behind some of the most high-profile, invite-only deals on AngelList. In this interview with Gil Penchina and Shawn Merani at, we go inside their investments in Dollar Shave Club, Cruise and Managed by Q to learn: How they manage working with dozens of syndicates and thousands of backers How they work with syndicate leads to improve pricing How they’re getting their backers access to deals at all stages Julie Ruvolo: You guys had two billion-dollar exits recently. You invested in a secondary transaction in Dollar Shave Club led by Mike Jones, and you also worked with Zach Coelius to raise a $100K round on AngelList in Cruise as part of their $12.5M Series A led by Spark Capital. Gil Penchina: The interesting thing about both of these deals is that we don’t just do seed or angel investing anymore. We’re stage agnostic deployers of capital. We’re doing seed, bridge, A, B, C and common. If you look at the two unicorn deals we had this year, Cruise was a Series A, and Dollar Shave Club was post-Series B. The fact that they both got acquired within a year is pretty shocking, but they weren’t seed deals.

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