The Ultimate Fundraising Course



If you are planning to raise capital for your business, you will need all the help you can get. The fundraising game is tough!


  • Only 10% of founders successfully fundraise
  • Over 65% of companies fail in the first 4 years due to lack of financing

Shocker right? Not only do you need an appealing business, a strong network and the courage to put yourself out there to successfully raise capital, but you need to know how the game works most importantly.

May I suggest something that can help?

Mastering The Fundraising Game online certification course is open for registration here.

You will learn everything you need to know to successfully fundraise.

Here’s a breakdown by topics to give you an idea of what to expect during the 3-week online course:

1st Coaching Session: The Preparation

  • Different fundraising sources
  • Crowdfunding and regulations around it
  • Angel investors and angel groups
  • How Venture Capital works with their structure and investment thesis
  • Valuations and how to determine your company’s value
  • The due diligence process
  • What investors look for in companies
  • Most common questions you will be asked
  • Funding vehicles: Convertible Notes vs. Equity Rounds
  • Understanding the key terminology in fundraising
  • Pros and cons when fundraising
  • The fundraising timeline from A to Z
  • Where to find investors
  • Reasons why you will be rejected by investors
  • Most common mistakes to avoid when raising capital
  • Qualities of successful founders at fundraising
  • Steps to follow when you have 6 months left of cash and need to raise more capital.

2nd Coaching Session: The Pitch

  • The deal flow funnel of institutional investors
  • Crafting a killer elevator pitch
  • Presenting in person
  • Putting together the pitch deck that will land you millions
  • Which slides matter the most based on data
  • Understanding the 18 to 24 month plan

3rd Coaching Session: The Closing

  • Due diligence from A to Z
  • Explaining examples of convertible notes and safe notes
  • Term Sheets
  • The different pieces involved in an equity round of financing
  • Mistakes with convertible notes and equity rounds
  • Best tools to use during fundraising
  • The power of urgency when fundraising
  • Typical emails you would send in the process of raising capital
  • All the players involved in your fundraising described
  • Next steps once the financing round is closed
  • Red flags that will tell you he/she is not the right investor for your company

Once you finish the course you will receive your own diploma. For additional details, click below.

Learn more about Mastering The Fundraising Game.



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